Why Vinnove?


Our Values


Be Strong and Courageous

Take Risks – Have Discipline – Experiment – Be the best you can be


Move Fast

Start with the Customer in Mind – Focus on the Impact – Make it Simple


Be Curious

Wonder – Learn – Innovate



Being dependable and following through on commitments

Being open and honest when communicating with others

Holding yourself accountable and owning up to your shortcomings


Fire up the passion for Innovation. Eliminate the Status Quo. Make the complex simple while leaving a positive imprint one every one we connect with


We create Intelligently crafted software that elevates the user’s experience


What We Believe In:


Enjoy The Journey

Celebrate people – laugh – be grateful – build relationships


Developing Our People

By providing an environment that fosters personal
development and professional growth


About The Founders

I´m Claudia

An entrepreneur with unshakable optimist with passion to help YOUR business, achieve the goals and success it was always meant to.

After graduating in BA with Major in Information Systems, I fell in love with the idea and possibilities of what disruptive technologies can do for a business.

I worked  in technology in leading firms like Verizon Wireless and The AES Corporation for over 14 years  in different leadership positions.

That experience provided me with the understanding of the different  facets of the business as possible, thus helping me understand how I could, with innovative ideas, bring about changes efficiently before I founded VINNOVE.

VINNOVE was born with the drive to inspire and fire up the passion for innovation in YOUR business.


I´m James

I have experience advising businesses about B2B technologies and search engine optimization. I have worked for corporations, such as Verizon Wireless, specializing in B2B relations.

I graduated with a degree in Business Administration and continued to expand my education and knowledge thereafter. Acquired a SAFe® 5 Scrum Master and UCDAVIS SEO certificate. In a highly and ever-changing business ecosystem, continued education is not just helpful but obligatory.

Education and skills, however, aren’t enough to provide exceptional customer experience and premium products. Passion for providing and developing world-class excellence in products and services is what drives me. Discipline and consistency assist me in succeeding in accomplishing these top priorities.

The user’s premium experience and customer journey with VINNOVE is my number one priority.


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