Augmented reality app development is a game-changer

Why is it important?

Augmented reality apps are changing the way we see the world and as a result how we interact with it. Apps such as Pokemon Go, Snapchat filters, or Tik-Tok effects pave the way for a new interaction between users.

These new features give the user the appearance that virtual objects are co-existing with them in the physical world. Augmented reality was frequently used in gaming but photo apps have taken advantage of this phenomenon.

Recent studies have shown that there are 1.96 billion AR users all around the world and predict this number may double over the next few years.

Big companies and mobile development enterprises need to integrate these new features into their services. Also to give a competitive edge into their field.

“Augmented reality is the frontier to engage with customers and make user’s experience more interactive”

New changes

The covid-19 pandemic has made people use technology as a priority to interact with family and friends. This led to new businesses using this element to keep their business going.

For example, travel industries have taken a toll during the lockdown, but new companies used this time to transport beautiful locations into everyone’s homes. One company that has made this possible is Mobibiz.

AR has the possibility of showcasing hotels in a new, different way. They can immerse guests in customer experiences with 3D views of rooms and 360-degree visuals of their locations, for instance.

Museums all over the world can provide highly interactive ways to learn more about the culture and history by using AR. Also, touristic spots can partner up with city transport companies to lead travelers as tour guides. Endless possibilities to make the life of users easier and accessible.

How does it affect us?

AR has a significant role in our daily life, in a fast-paced world we need to adapt to the new changes. But thanks to AR people get to be closer to family and friends. This new wave has opened the gates for new possibilities and to immerse ourselves in the future.

At Vinnove we are very excited for this new wave in technology. This new opportunity to demonstrate our abilities and innovation by implementing AR. To bring forward creativity ad hard work into the mix.

There are no limits to what you can dream and we at Vinnove, want to help you make your dreams come true.

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