Four ASO Marketing tips to increase conversion rates


ASO: App Store Optimization


So you have your app now but you don’t know how to market it? Do you want to increase the conversion rate? Fear not, because with this list and small steps to make you will have a better understanding of how your app can rank higher on apple and google app stores.

Name of your app

This step better be close when you are designing your app but in some cases, people skip it, and when they already have the final product marketing comes in the mix.

Never take too long to consider this process

The name of your app is very important since it is how your users are going to find you. So having a long and difficult name might not be in your best interest.

Use a keyword as a name

Keywords are essential because they let us know how users search terms on the Search tab. If your app has a keyword in it the chances of being found and ranked are higher than your competitors.

Short name

Don’t waste your time with long names, the Apple app store and the Play Store only lets your app name be 30 characters long. Be smart in those spaces!

It is in your best interest that the app name be short and memorable. You can always use an acronym and play with the functionality to get more impressions.

Screenshots make a good impression

Screenshots are the first things people browse when looking for apps. It is a great place for taking the user through a display of how does the app work (onboarding).

Where to place keywords

On Apple: keywords have a specific keyword field that helps apps be found faster by users.

On Android: keywords are placed only within the app name, description, and subtitle. Take advantage of the space!

Let me give you some tips on how to make most of your keywords on both app stores:

Apple App Store

You’re allowed only 100 characters here. Additionally, these keywords are hidden from users. Make sure you can use only the highest volume keywords that have low competition as well. 

Google Play Store

You can use long-tail variations of different keywords, as long as you can mix them with high and medium ranking Keywords to boost your ASO score

The app description should be written grammatically correct. Avoid terms that are not keywords if possible. Remember to write down for users, so no complex words and senteces

App preview videos

It is not written in stone that you must have an app video but it can help your conversion rates. If your app is a game a preview video can show all the cool features that it can do and how players can make the best out of it.

Always find ways to make the life of users easier and teach them how can your app help them.

Promotional text

Promotional Text is a 170-character section on an Apple App Store page. This text should provide information about any new or ongoing promotions within the app, such as holiday season perks and discounts. In this part, the text should be precise and eye-catching text.

ASO marketing can be tricky but be sure to follow these tips and it can improve the visibility of your app. It is never too late to make your app stand out and give your users what they were looking for all along.

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