Four Steps to build a winning SEO strategy

Why is SEO important?

You might still wonder why SEO is important for your website and whether will it help you increase traffic and collect leads from different sources. Let me tell you why you must consider this tactic as important as any other marketing strategy:

  • 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine
  • 53 % of all website traffic comes from organic search.
  • 93% of global traffic comes from Google search, Google Images, and Google Maps.

Search engine optimization (SEO), is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to a website through organic search engine results. One of the most recommended practices to increase traffic is by creating content.

New Google algorithms improve every couple of years and their main target is to deliver value to their users. Implementing thousands of hashtags or creating a Google ad campaign with the biggest budget does not cover it anymore. You have to think about users and what users are looking for.

Keywords are your new best friend

Keywords and their composition will be essential to build your winning SEO strategy. Find out the main theme of your business. 

For example, if it is dog food you need to come up with different topics related to the service and find out how people are looking for your products.

To do this step you can use the google ads platform, it has a keyword planner that can help you understand what is the common words and phrases users type in to look for different products. Also, check out the google trends website where you can visit by country each topic that is trending in different states and seasonal keywords that might help you at different times of the year.

Check out the competition

Do you want to be found next to your competition and be considered within the mix? Well to do that you need to analyze the first page of Google. See which businesses have built up awareness and what did they use to get there. 

Emulate what they are doing but remember to bring value to what you are offering. Give your own intake and relate from your experience something new to the mix. Your competition analysis can be a good resource to know what you are up against and the next steps to take.

Oldie but goodie: Create a blog and post constantly

Caring and informing your users will never go out of style. Giving them information that they need or procuring leads by sharing insightful news can be a game-changer for your business. Like we told you at the beginning creating content is “in” right now and anticipating the news or resources your customers might want to read will only lead to bringing awareness to your page.

To have more ideas for creating content analyze the services you are offering and the news surrounding it and write stories for different users. Also, check out global trends seasonal news to bring forward your products to the front center.

Having your own voice and style will be a competitive advantage that will help you stay on top and different from your competition.


Mine for backlinks

Backlinks are a great way to build authority and connect website to website across different services and subjects. We recommend you create a google alert with the name of the site, that way if getting a mention and no backlink you can claim that link to your site and build more backlinks as you become more famous.

Also, give shoutouts to their sites and create a relationship of giving and taking with backlinks. If your site builds more backlinks you will receive more traffics that will transform into sales for your company.

On-page SEO

Internal linking is an important step for on-page SEO. You need to make sure that your site has intuitive internal linking and can be easy to crawl for Google. If the internal liking makes no sense or you have links that are broken your ranking on google will drop and users might think the site is old and inoperative

Descriptive URLs are no longer click here or follow this link. You have to make sure that people want to click on the URL. Keyword or nice phrase that might send people in the right directions will give you better chances of conversions than plain old click here.

These steps will help you get started on your way to being an SEO master. Remember you cannot tackle them all at once but making some progress each day will have a clear impact on your SEO ranking.

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